Are Students Today Overburdened With Homework?

Whether or not modern students are overburdened with homework is a very controversial topic of discussion in the academic world. With the progress of technology, teachers have more methods than ever to assign homework to students.

They are able to email homework to students, set problems to be completed from their computer and, of course, can use the old fashioned way of giving out assignments sheets for students to complete.

With such rapid advancements in homework methods, many experts believe that teachers are overburdening their students with the amount of assignments they set.


The first point of contention, as mentioned above, is the advancements of technology and what role it has to play in the increased load of homework that students receive.

In the past, teachers would give out assignments sheets in class that had to be completed by a certain date. This usually did not lead to a big load of homework, since teachers would manually need to go through the homework to mark it.

However, with the rise of technology, there has been a dramatic shift in the amount of homework that students receive. For math homework, to take an example, there are many programs that automatically mark the input by the student, and tell them how to work out a problem.

Due to this, there has been a sharp rise in the amount of math problems that students are receiving to complete after school in their own time. This trend, however, is not seen in subjects that teacher need to mark themselves, such as history and English.

Cultural Trends

There are many cultural trends to take into account when assessing whether or not students nowadays are overburdened with homework. In many countries around the world, students receive far more homework than students in the United States.

In these countries it has been seen that students are put under immense pressure to succeed in education, and they have many ways to cope with the extreme amount of work they have to do after school.

As a result of this, many students cannot handle the pressure and perform poorly in school, whereas many of the brightest often flourish with the added load of work.


If students are put under too much stress from homework, they may seek assistance from either parents or professional homework helpers. When looking at statistics, homework help is undoubted on the rise in both the US and across the world.

This rise in assignment help shows that students nowadays may be overburdened with the amount of assignments they have to deal with that cuts into their leisure time.

However, another reason cited for why students may be turning to homework help services is due to the fact that they are more readily available due to the Internet.

As you can see, many students are overburdened with homework in certain areas, such as mathematics. However, for writing subjects, such as psychology, students are less likely to seek psychology homework help, as they may not receive more work than in the past in such subjects.

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