Does Homework Help Students Do Better In School?

Currently, there has been a shift in the way extra experts within the education field perceive work after school. Historically, assignments to be completed by students in their own time being beneficial was always seen as accepted knowledge, with no discernable studies taking place on the matter.

However, in recent times, many academics have undertaken studies to see whether or not assignments produce a tangible benefit for students. Many reasons are given for why such work may not as effective a thought, including the fact that students seek homework help, and the fact that assignments can cause burn out among students. In this article, we will seek to find the answer to whether or not extra class work can help students do better in school.


First we will begin by discussing some of the advantages presented by students completing assignments outside of the classroom. The first is the fact that such assignments give a chance for students to consolidate all the material that they have learned during class. This means that extra problems in, say, mathematics can help a student understand a concept in greater detail. The additional practice can also make them more efficient in working out math problems. For this reason, advocates for homework believe that it is crucial that students receive a good amount of work to be done in their own time.

Another advantage that extra assignments can bring is the fact that it allows teacher to include curriculum material that they simply did not have time for in the classroom. For example, in science class, there are many concepts to explore that many teachers cannot properly go through in the classroom. As a result, when they give out science homework, they can include this material there.


Despite the positives discussed, experts also cite many negatives associated to extra assignments. Firstly, too much work outside of the class has been linked to burn out. Working on the same subject too much can cause disinterest in children, and can lead them to simple disengage from the subject, or even hamper their passion for it.

Additionally, working too hard after school can leave children will less leisure time that they can use to relax and rest their minds. If students do not have much time to explore other activities outside of studying, then they may come to resent school and classwork in general.

Another problem with too many assignments is the fact that many students seek help from their peers of parents. For example, many students find math problems too difficult to tackle and so seek homework help in math. Doing this makes the entire purpose of extra problems redundant and encourages cheating once children receive good marks for their work.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to children receiving extra assignments for completion in their own time. In our opinion, the work that they are given should be a healthy amount and teachers should not overdo it, to allow students time to pursue other activities.

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