What Kinds Of Homework Policies Should School Districts Establish?

There are many policies that school districts can adopt to ensure that homework fulfills its intended purpose. In recent years, the concept of homework has come under fire by many experts as being inefficient in serving its purpose. Much of this has been blamed on outdated homework policies that many schools employ.

However, these schools are simply following school district policies that need to be strictly adhered to. If not, the school faces punishment or hefty fine. As such, these district policies need to be updated, and in this article, we will discuss some of the policies that can be enacted to ensure that homework is a great learning tool for children.

Time On Homework

One of the most outdated policies in many school districts is the amount of homework they require schools to give to children. Most experts and studies have found that the optimum amount of homework for middle school students and below is around an hour every night.

Any more than this, and students can come to resent their work. Any less, and students may not learn as much as they need to. If you regularly find children complaining that, ‘my homework is too long’, then it may be a sign that the school district policy is outdated.

Most schools give out far more homework than the recommended hour every night. If you feel that this is the case in your school, then take up this matter with either the school itself of the school district.

Engaging and Interactive

Another archaic practice that many districts follow is to assign demoralizing work that does not sufficiently motivate its students. Simple giving out problem sheet after problem sheet to be completed at home can make students become demotivated and not try their best on their homework.

Since homework sometimes makes up a large portion of a student’s overall grade, it is not beneficial for the student to simply stop trying. To ensure that students stay motivated at all times, homework should be both engaging and interactive.

For example, involving the use of technology in homework, such as requiring students to find homework help online. Another example could be homework that requires students to collaborate and work with other students. This will make them more motivated to complete the homework to the best of their ability.


Many districts do not employ any guidelines to help teachers monitor their student’s work. As a result, students are not given sufficient feedback on the work they have just completed, which can be crucial in making them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Thus, guidelines should be made to ensure that teachers provide regular feedback to students and monitor their progression throughout the year.

If children in a certain school district are regularly asking parents: ‘Please help me do my homework’, then the district guidelines should be looked into, and many of the policies outlined in this article should be established. These policies will help students in completing their homework to a high standard.

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