How Much Time Should My Child Spend On Homework Each Night?

There are many answers to the question of how long a child should be spending on homework each night. Most of all, the time spent by each child is dependent on many different factors that need to be taken into account. A homework assignment that takes a child two hours to complete may be done in under an hour by another students. In this article, we will seek to see what the optimal time is for a child to spend on homeworks, and what factors make the time spent differ from student to students.

Optimal Time To Spend

Many studies have been conducted on the matter of how much time a child should be spending on assignments. Specifically, for math and science, it has been found that spending around an hour every night is the optimal time for a child. Any more than an hour has been found to be counter productive for the learning development of the child.

There are many reasons put forward as to why this is the optimal time for science and math subjects. First of all, doing homework for around an hour lets the child take in the information and digest it. Doing homework in this manner puts less pressure on them, and they will are not tempted to seek a math homework helper.

Most children will not be able to read or learn too much in an hour, and so information that is not very large will be easy for them to decipher and understand. Another reason for why an hour of homework is so beneficial is because students can easily partition an hour into two parts; namely, one half to learn and the other to put into practice the material they have learned.

Researchers have found that students who had done homework on their own in hour-long blocks everyday performed significantly better than those students who did significantly less or more.

Factor Affecting Time

There are many factors that affect the amount of time students may take on completing their homework. Many students are slow learners, so naturally they will complete a piece of homework in more than their peers.

For students like these, completing homework in hour-long blocks is recommended. This means that they will work on their homework for an hour followed by a prolonged break. The break allows their mind to refresh and rest. Moreover, the break will also allow them to digest the information they have just taken in.

Another factor that affects the rate of finishing homework is the motivation levels of a student. Students need to be motivated to make the best use of the hour they have to do their homework to the best of their ability. You need to stop worrying about how long it will take to finish your homework and instead focus on making the best use of your time.

As you can see, the optimal time to spend on homework is around an hour, as those who spend this amount of time tend to perform best in school examinations.

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