What Kind Of Homework Is Most Beneficial To Students?

Homework that is beneficial to students includes many traits that combine to make an efficient homework that accomplishes the goal that the teacher wants. There is, however, no specific formula that needs to be adhered to for it to accomplish the goal it sets out to do. In this article, we will discuss many of the traits that come together in one form or another to create a successful piece of homework. If teachers make use of these tips, then very few students will be left asking, ‘who can solve my homework?


This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of any homework assignment. The time it takes a student to do a piece of homework is extremely important when assessing its benefit to the student.

Experts and studies suggest that around 60 minutes of homework a day is the optimum amount for students to receive high marks in both their homework and in exams.

As such, homework should generally take a student an hour to complete. Any less, and the student may not receive enough practice on the topic and any more, and the student may feel burnt out and demotivated after spending so long on that particular assignment.

Of course, every student is different, and each student’s time will vary in terms of completing his or her homework. As such, you should aim to set homework that will take the average student in the class an hour to complete. It is recommended for students to have a homework helper if they are stuck on any problems.


Research shows that repeating certain concepts is the best way for students to perform well in their studies. For example, if a student has a different piece of homework everyday based on different topics, with no mention of previously taught topics, then the homework will be less effective.

To achieve the best efficiency from homework, topics should be regularly repeated as research shows that students are better at remembering things when they repeat with consistency, as opposed to learning in isolated parts.


This point pertains more towards subjects such as math and science. In these subjects, most students learn all the concepts one by one in class then are given homework pertaining to these separate topics they learned.

This is the way I certainly learned math and science at school, and it is the most popular way of teaching students today. However, research shows that students learn best when they are forced to choose from multiple strategies, new and old, as opposed to only regurgitating one method.

This also means that an effective homework should encourage students to use material they covered in class from many months, or even years ago. If they cannot remember certain topics from the past, then they can acquire college homework help to assist them.

As you can see, if homework makes effective use of these methods, then students will both enjoy their work and learn more efficiently than many of the traditionally accepted methods used by teachers.

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