What Is The Purpose Of Homework?

Despite coming under recent scrutiny, homework serves many purposes to help students, parents and teachers. Although many recent studies have had heaped scathing criticisms towards homework, it cannot be doubted that homework brings many positive to students in furthering their learning and education. These involve, but are not limited to, better monitoring of progress and being able to consolidate a student’s knowledge on a topic. In this article, we will discuss what purpose homework serves, and the advantages it can bring to you as a student.

Developing Skills

There many skills that students develop through completing homework. One of the main skills that they are able to develop are time management skills and study skills. Homework makes students schedule their time after school; the more efficient they use their time spent towards homework, the more time they will have to spend on other hobbies and interest.

As such, many students will create timetables to strictly adhere to, or use homework planners, which ensure that they complete their work on time. Along with time management, another key skill that students will develop is their studying skills.

Being able to independently take in information and complete questions pertaining to this information greatly develops a student’s studying skills. These skills can then be extremely helpful in college and in employment after education.

Keeping Track Of Progression

Another purpose that homework serves, that many overlook, is the fact that it allows teachers to keep track of their student’s progress. For example, through homework, a teacher will be able to identify the weak areas that a student needs to work on.

Thus, when a student comes up to a teacher and asks them, ‘can you help me with my homework?’ the teacher can use knowledge of that student’s past homework results to point the student in the direction in which they need the most assistance pertaining to that particular homework.

Homework can be a crucial point for teachers to discuss with the parents of students during teach-parent meetings. A parent can then see whether or not they also need to get involved with their child in terms of ensuring that they complete the work given to them.


Many students do not always learn best in a classroom environment. Truth be told, there are many distractions for students in schools, such as friends and the general school environment. As such, many students can zone out during class and not pay attention.

However, homework is a good way to ensure that those students who cannot function optimally in school have a chance of understanding the content at home, without any distractions and fresh new perspective. Homework also allows teachers to put in additional content that they simply did not have time for during class.

The next time you find yourself asking, ‘Why do I need to do my homework?’ keep in mind all the benefits we have discussed on this page. As time progresses, the purpose of homework is coming under intense scrutiny, however it can still be extremely beneficial to students.

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