Should Students With Learning Disabilities Do Homework?

Students with learning disabilities have a hard time coping at school. The vast majority of the curriculum and teaching methods are not designed to cater to them. As a result, many students with learning difficulties have a hard time coping with the demands of school.

Homework is no different. Usually, when teachers make homework for their students, they largely have the average student in mine, and not the students who may be suffering from learning difficulties. However, students who suffer from difficulties can still benefit greatly from doing homework, however it should cater to their needs.


Students who suffer from learning disabilities will need extra motivation to complete their homework. This motivation should be offered to them both at home and at school. Tell them to ‘do your homework’ in an understanding tone, as opposed to in a scolding one, will go a long way in ensuring that they do their work and enjoy it.

Offer incentives to complete their work is also beneficial for students with learning disabilities. Again, this can also motivate the student into trying their best when doing their assignments.


When assigning homework to students with learning problems, you should always ensure that the homework is very clear in what it asks for. Many students with learning disabilities are extremely smart, however unclear instructions can cause them confusion.

It is a shame when a perfectly capable student does not do the homework as intended because they had problems understanding exactly what the task required them to do. To ensure that this is not the case, homework for children with learning problems should be very clear in what it expects from students.


A tutor can be beneficial for any students, however they are doubly so for children with learning difficulties. For example, a math homework solver who has experience working with such children can go a along way in making your child understand their homework.

Hiring an expert tutor is one of the best choices a parent of a child who has learning disabilities can make.


Students need some type of structure at home to ensure that their work is completed on time. However, some students can cope without having a formal structure in mind, and so many parents and teachers do not bother pointing out its importance, leaving students to independently complete their work.

However, this is not the case for students who have difficulties learning. For such students, they need to be guided at home to ensure that their work is completed to the best of their ability and to a good standard.

To ensure that you children have a good structure at home, they need a timetable that their parents ensure they adhere to in a strict manner.

The next time a child asks: ‘Can you help me with my English homework’, the tips in this guide can be utilized to ensure that they gain optimal results and learning by doing their homework. Children with learning difficulties learn in a different way compared to their peers.

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