Why Does My Child Spend Two Or More Hours On Homework ?

Every child operates at their own pace in regards to completing homework. No two children will take the exact same time to complete their assignments, since there is a variance in terms of skill level and managements skills from child to child. As such, there is no need to be alarmed if your child it taking two or more hours every night to complete their homework.

With some adjustments, you can bring down the time that your child takes to complete their work. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why your child may be taking more time than is necessary to complete their work and the steps you can take to rectify this.

Recommended Time

According to research, the recommended time that for a child to spend on their homework is around an hours. Many schools have adopted this guideline, as it is shown to be the optimal time at which students can take in concepts and learn them to a high level.

However, not every school will obey these guidelines, and many schools will give homework far in excess of an hour. You can confirm whether or not if this is the case by asking other parents whose children attend the same school.

If they also answer that their child is spending two or more hours on their homework and are constantly asking for help, such as ‘can you do my math homework for me?’ then you should take this matter up with the school.

Management Skills

If you feel that the school is not to blame for the long time your child is spending on their homework, then it could perhaps be a problem with their management skills.

The purpose of homework is to teach children how to manage their time to ensure everything is done efficiently and to a high standard. As such, when beginning, you should not be worried if your child spends some considerable time getting adjusted to receiving regular homework.

However, if your child has been receiving homework for a considerable time, and they also constantly ask for help with, for example, chemistry homework help, then perhaps the management skills of the child are at fault.

A reason for why your child may be using wrong management skills is due to the fact that they are trying to learn too much. Experts recommend that children learn in small chunks, as opposed to trying to take everything in at once.

Keep an eye out on how your child tackles their homework problems, and if you feel that they put themselves under constant stress to learn large amounts of material at once, you should show them how to take it in in smaller chunks.

As you can see, there can be many causes for why your child spends so long on their homework. If you feel that they are particularly troubled by a certain assignments, then you can also find help with homework online that can be of great benefit to your child.

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